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1.5 Hr Historical City Tour

See the attractive and magnificent historical city of Nassau. Visit Ft. Charlotte which was built to protect Nassau from invaders, see Ft. Fincastle which displays the amazing water tower. The luxurious Queen's Staircase built in the 1840s carved out of solid lime stones by slaves in the late 18th century, between 1793 and 1794. For practical purposes, the staircase provides a shorter route for natives to and from Bennet's Hill. Visit the world famous Straw Market located in the main Down Town district.

3.5 Hrs Native Tour

Mix and mingle with the natives. Experience the island through the eyes of the native. See the way that they live by visiting residences of the famous ministers of parliament along with the Prime Minister and former Prime Minister of the Bahamas. The World's famous Paradise Island.

4 Hrs Scenic Tour

Tour Arawak Cay one of THE most popular eatery attractions on the island. You can take a stroll through the cay that will reveal seafood delights such as conch salad, scorched conch, tropical conch salad, conch fritters, cracked conch and vast variety of other dishes you may enjoy. If desire one can sample the native dishes and watch the actual preparation of the conch. Visit other sites like Gambier and Potters Cay where the fishermen will engage in the preparation of the local products.

Visit the famous Ardastra Gardens & Zoo. It's sprawled across a tranquil 5.5 acres of tropical vegetation where over 50 species of animals, birds and reptiles including the marching Pink Flamingos parade around and calls it home. Flamingo shows are held at 10:30am, 2:15pm and 4pm daily. Also you can hand feed the playful Lory Parrots at 11am, 1:30pm and 3:30pm daily.


34' Trojan is a half-day charter (4 hours). Charters are 8am to 12 noon and 1pm to 5pm. For requested full day charters the times are deemed flexible for your convenience. We can comfortably accommodate up to 4 person for fishing, sightseeing and snorkeling.

36' Post is a half day charter (4 hours). The Post can accommodate up to 8 person for fishing and up to 12 persons for sightseeing and snorkeling. Prices are based on 8 persons, there is a charge per person over 8 and up to 12 persons.

36' Tiara is a half day charter (4 hours). The Tiara can accommodate up to 5 persons for fishing, sightseeing and snorkeling.

Snorkeling Shark Adventure

Your first dive is a "Free Swim" with the sharks on a magnificent wall. The sharks will follow you throughout the dive because its close to the feeding site and they know the dinner bell will ring soon. However, no bait is exposed on this dive. This keeps the sharks curious and creates a very natural encounter for divers - just as you would encounter a shark in the wild. The second part of the dive you will observe as the shard feeder tries to keep the sharks in a "polite" feeding posture.

Dolphin Encounters

In the close encounter interaction, each guest can expect a unique experience that brings  you closer to an Atlantic Bottle-nose dolphin than you ever dreamed possible. Down on the encounter float, you will stand on a wait deep submerged platform and you will experience a heart warming kiss, hug, dance and opportunities to rub down the dolphin. Your dolphin trainer will combine elements of hands on contact, education, fun, laughter and adventure to make this an unforgettable experience.

Camperdown Riding Club

Ride with the horses, take lessons, and enjoy the one on one as well as group fun. This unforgettable experience is one that you will never forget. Get up, close and personal with a friendly horse.

Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy

Learn the basic skills of golfing. Novice, Intermediate or Expert you can spend the day on the beautiful greenery with a world renown athlete. Fun for all!! Adults and children are welcomed.

Stuart Cove's

Enjoy amazing deep sea adventures. Diving, snorkeling, feeding, and the underwater submarine. If you love adventure this is for you, if you love the water this is for you, if you want a memorable experience this is DEFINITELY for you!